Software components

Icaro is divided in 4 parts:

  • Dedalo: network access controller, it runs on the firewall and intercepts all guest connections, based on CoovaChilli
  • Wax: accounting server, it speaks RADIUS AAA protocol via HTTP with Dedalo
  • Wings: captive portal hosted along with Wax, it’s static responsive web page for user login. It talks with Wax and Dedalo
  • Sun: Hotspot Manager applications which is dived in 3 parts

Both Wax and Sun use the same MariaDB (or MySQL) database.

Wax, Wings and Sun are considered server-side componentes, while Dedalo is considered the client one. All techincal documentation can be found in the links above.

How it works

This is an high-level overview of the whole architecture:



  • An user tries to access Internet using its own smartphone via WiFi

  • The traffic is intercepted by Dedalo (1 in figure)

  • Dedalo talks to Wax and checks if the user is already authorized to access Internet. If not, the smartphone client is redirect to Wings captive portal (2 in figure)

  • The user is forced to login using one of the available methods.

  • When the authentication is done, Wings sends an authorization message to Dedalo using JSON interface (3 in figure)

  • Dedalo asks authorization confirmation to Wax, if the authorization is granted (4 in figure)

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