Sun UI

To configure the front-end part aka Sun-UI, you can edit the file in static/config/config.js and choose your app name. Copy also the logos and background in the static folder.

The configuration file it’s easy to edit

const CONFIG = {

Wings & Wax

Wings component using Wax as backend supports many type of authentication, social or not. To make this fully functional you must configure some params for each type of authentication.

During the provisioning phase of your instance, or in a second step, you must edit the Wax configuration file to get all logins available.

The configuration file is /opt/icaro/wax/conf.json and the parameters to configure are the following.


Wax and Sun database configuration is saved inside the file /opt/icaro/wax/conf.json in the database part.

"database": {
    "user": "sun-api",
    "password": "Sun-ApiMariaDBPassWordHere"


Each Captive portal is served from the same cloud server, but each captive portal related to a particular hotspot inherits its configuration.

You must specify the business name during Hotspot creation that will be replaced in the disclaimers for each hotspots.

Terms of use and marketing disclaimers are visualized before the user chooses the login method. To add your disclaimers modify the /opt/icaro/wax/conf.json in the disclaimers and use

  • $$COMPANY_NAME$$ for company name.
  • $$COMPANY_VAT$$ for company VAT.
  • $$COMPANY_ADDRESS$$ for company address.
  • $$COMPANY_EMAIL$$ for company email.

inside the disclaimers JSON object:

"disclaimers": {
	"terms_of_use": "This is a disclaimer test\n\n - chapter 1\n - chapter 2 provided by $$BUSINESS_NAME$$ located in $$COMPANY_ADDRESS$$",
	"marketing_use": "This is marketing informationt\n\n - chapter 1\n - chapter 2  provided by $$BUSINESS_NAME$$  located in $$COMPANY_ADDRESS$$"

Became (if the hotspot’s business name is Great Hotel Ltd located in Street of Null for example)

This is a disclaimer test\n\n - chapter 1\n - chapter 2 provided by Great Hotel Ltd located in Street of Null


For the social logins, each platforms as its application registration process, here the links to create new apps for:

After the registration insert your variables inside the file /opt/icaro/wax/conf.json in the auth_social part.

"auth_social": {
	"facebook": {
		"client_id": "fb_client_id",
		"client_secret": "fb_client_secret",
		"redirect_uri": "https://<icaro_instance>/wings/login/facebook"
	"linkedin": {
		"client_id": "li_client_id",
		"client_secret": "li_client_secret",
		"redirect_uri": "http://<icaro_instance>/wings/login/linkedin"
	"instagram": {
		"client_id": "in_client_id",
		"client_secret": "in_client_secret",
		"redirect_uri": "http://<icaro_instance>/wings/login/instagram"

Email & SMS

For the Email login process the only requested part is a valid smtp host to send verification emails, configure the /opt/icaro/wax/conf.json file in the endpoints and email part.

For the SMS login process Icaro use Twilio as SMS sender, register your app here: Twilio Apps, and edit all required params in /opt/icaro/wax/conf.json file in the endpoints and sms part.

"endpoints": {
	"sms": {
		"account_sid": "twilio_account_sid",
		"auth_token": "twilio_account_token",
		"service_sid": "twilio_messaging_service_sid",
		"send_quota_alert": true
	"email": {
		"from": "email_from",
		"smtp_host": "your_smtp_host",
		"smtp_port": 25,
		"smtp_user": "your_smtp_user",
		"smtp_password": "your_smtp_password"

If send_quota_alert is set to true, resellers will be notify when theirs SMS quota limit is reached. (default: false)

Captive portal defaults

The captive portal can be customized for each Hotspot, but if the user doesn’t have the rights, you can set captive portal default options under the the captive_portal section:

"captive_portal": {
    "redirect": "",
    "title": "Icaro",
    "subtitle": "The Open Source Hotspot",
    "description": "Free as in freedom",
    "background": "#2a87be",
    "logo": "logo.png",
    "banner": "banner.png"

Envirioment Variables

You can also configure some properties via environment variables, if present the values in the environment variable take the precedence over the ones declared in files.

Common variables

This variables are common to all backends:

  • DB_HOST Mysql or Mariadb hostname/address
  • DB_PORT Port where database instance is listening
  • DB_USER User to use for connection to database instance
  • DB_PASSWORD Password of the user used for database instance connection
  • DB_NAME Name of database used by Icaro’s backends (default: icaro)

Wax & Sun-Api variables

  • CORS_ORIGINS List of space separated origins allowed to perform cross-site requests (see more here)

Wax specific variables


  • FACEBOOK_CLIENT_ID Facebook Oauth2 Client ID
  • FACEBOOK_CLIENT_SECRET Facebook Oauth2 Client Secret
  • LINKEDIN_CLIENT_ID LinkedIn Oauth2 Client ID
  • LINKEDIN_CLIENT_SECRET LinkedIn Oauth2 Client Secret
  • LINKEDIN_REDIRECT_URL LinkedIn Oauth2 Redirect URL
  • INSTAGRAM_CLIENT_ID Instagram Oauth2 Client ID
  • INSTAGRAM_CLIENT_SECRET Instagram Oauth2 Client Secret
  • INSTAGRAM_REDIRECT_URL Instagram Oauth2 Redirect URL

Email & SMS

  • EMAIL_FORM Email from address
  • EMAIL_FORM_NAME Email from name
  • EMAIL_SMTP_HOST SMTP server address/hostanme
  • EMAIL_SMTP_PORT Port where the SMTP server is listening
  • EMAIL_SMTP_USER User to use for connection to SMTP server
  • EMAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD Password of the user used for SMTP server connection
  • SMS_ACCOUNT_SID Twilio account SID
  • SMS_AUTH_TOKEN Twilio auth token
  • SMS_SERVICE_SID Twilio messaging service sid
  • SMS_SEND_QUOTA_ALERT true | false Enable/Disable SMS quota limit alert.

Ade specific variables

  • SURVEY_URL Url to host the Ade UI component

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